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Total believes that the latest supercomputer will enable to find oil quickly and efficiently



Total believes that the latest supercomputer will enable to find oil quickly and efficiently

Energy important Total stated its new supercomputer – that has propelled into a world rank as the most effective computer in the industry – will empower its geologists to locate oil quicker, cheaper and with a greater success rate.

The Pangea III computer construct by IBM can help procedure complicated seismic information in the search for hydrocarbons 10 times quicker than before, Total said on Tuesday.

The computing capacity of this Pangea III continues to be raised to 31.7 so-called ‘petaflops’ from 6.7 petaflops from 2016, also out of 2.3 petaflops at 2013, Total said, adding that it had been the equivalent of about 170,000 notebooks united.

The pc rankings as number 1 one of supercomputers from the gas and oil industry, and quantity 11 internationally, based on the TOP500 dining table ( which positions supercomputers twice per year.

Total’s European peer-reviewed Eni’s HPC4 supercomputer is ranked number 17 at the global top 500 list.

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Oil and gas businesses, together with other industrial classes, are increasingly relying on powerful computers to process complicated data quicker. This lets them cut costs while boosting the success rate of jobs.

Total didn’t state how much it’d spent in the new supercomputer.

The organization’s senior vice president for mining, Kevin McLachlan, told that the 80 percent of their Pangea III’s time could be committed to seismic imaging.

“We can do things much faster,” he said. “We are developing advanced imaging algorithms to give us much better images of the sub-surface in these complex domains and Pangea III will let us do it 10 times faster than we could before.”

Total stated the new calculations can process massive quantities of information more precisely, and at a greater resolution.

It would also help locate more faithfully hydrocarbons below the earth, which can be helpful in complicated environments where it’s exploring for petroleum trapped beneath salt, for example, Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico, Angola and the Eastern Mediterranean.

McLachlan anticipated the greater computer capability to influence Total’s success rate in exploration, due to their greater imaging, and also in petroleum well appraisals, drilling and development.

“What used to take a week, now takes us a day to process,” he stated, adding that thousands of dollars of savings could be drawn upon the oil wells as a direct consequence of getting better pictures.

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iPhone SE 4 gets 5.7” to 6.1” display screen?




iPhone SE 4 display screen

Ever since Apple launched its SE range of affordable iPhones, users have been excited about getting an iPhone at an entry-level price. It has always created a buzz and caught significant attention across markets. So experts and tech geeks are now anticipating what will the iPhone SE 4 be like, to give you a sneak peek into it, I will update you with all that has been floating in the tech circles.

First things first, screen size has been the hottest topic of discussion. It is being said that Apple will most likely update the design of this new iPhone and with this redesign, the screen size can go upto 5.7 to 6.1-inches. And this update comes straight from Ross Young, the reliable Apple analyst who has expertly predicted iPhone specs even previously.

Another tech expert, Jon Prosser disclosed in one of his recent videos that the new iPhone SE 4 will feature the all-screen design of the iPhone XR. Though various other analysts differ on this, there is also strong anticipation that SE 4’s design will be closer to the current iPhone 13 mini. It remains to be seen which way the company goes.

Apple has consistently shown how they do not compromise on features in their SE series, fans are hoping to see all the latest features and technology that has been provided on the latest flagship iPhone models. The chip of the iPhone SE 4 is another interesting matter, as per tradition it should be in tune with the flagship model’s chip which would be either an A15 Bionic chipset or an A16 Bionic chipset. This will boost the enthusiasm of fans of the SE range.

Now comes the question of release, however the SE series does not follow the release schedule like other iPhones or Apple devices. With the last model being released in 2022, experts are betting that SE 4 might come out sometime in 2024. Though Ross Young, the eminent Apple expert hinted that the new model might come out early this time, in 2023 itself.

On the pricing front, Apple has been taking the prices gradually on the higher side. This course can be partially explained by the increasing costs of input materials over the years. If that same trend continues, your iPhone SE 4 might cost you more than you might be anticipating. This might also affect consumer enthusiasm as one of the major selling points of the SE range has been its lower price point.

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Facebook to soon block adds that urges US people not to vote




Facebook to soon block adds that urges US people not to vote

Facebook vowed to place it’s new “do not vote” coverage prohibition into effect in the autumn, prior to the 2019 U.S. elections Nov. 5, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg stated in a blog post announcing the report.

This past year, Facebook enlarged its policies against voter suppression by banning articles that distribute misinformation on voting procedures, election dates and times, and polling places. These rules include things like prohibiting intimidation strategies such as misrepresentations on if votes will be counted.

The new “do not vote” coverage is in its developmental stages and the provider is seeking information from voting associations.

Facebook reported the coverage is very likely to only employ in the USA in its first release and won’t contain the policing of organic articles from customers.

Facebook stated it works to get rid of malicious election-related content. The business is presently encompassing”don’t vote” advertisements in its attempts to ward off coordinated attempts to affect elections.

The social networking giant was utilized to spread misinformation regarding past elections.

U.S. intelligence agencies say there was a comprehensive Russian cyber-influence operation throughout the 2016 campaign directed at assisting President Donald Trump to get elected. Russia has repeatedly denied the allegations.

“We focused on ads because there is a targeted component in them,” Facebook Public Policy Director Neil Potts explained.“We recognize it as a political tactic, which is much more in line with voter suppression.”

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Ads telling folks to “boycott the election” disproportionately targeted African American Facebook users, based on Ian Vandewalker, a senior council in the Brennan Center for Justice.

The planet’s largest social media also vowed to present a brand new snowball coverage at the fall before the 2020 U.S. Census, forbidding misrepresentations of all Census requirements or methods,” it said.

Facebook started conducting the yearly Civil Rights Audit from 2018 to deal with issues in underrepresented communities and advocacy groups on its own platform.

The business has come under scrutiny on its hands-off approach to the material posted on its own platform. It doesn’t prohibit all types of misinformation, rather posting warnings misleading substance so that it reaches fewer individuals.

Russian influence on U.S. elections has sparked significant criticism of Facebook; nonetheless, it helped the organization identify crucial strategies utilized in misinformation campaigns.

Facebook set up its initial war area in October 2018 to fight misinformation campaigns throughout the U.S. midterm elections. Similar war chambers were put up this season in Brazil, India, and Europe before elections.

Facebook’s following Civil Rights Audit progress report is defined to be published next year.


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Huawei collects 50 5G Contracts outside China to expand its Business




Huawei collects 50 5G Contracts outside China to expand its Business

Regardless of the continuing trade war with the US, Chinese conglomerate Huawei on Wednesday said it’s nabbed 50 commercial 5G contracts globally and sent over 150,000 base channels worldwide till date.

“We already have 50 commercial 5G contracts globally,” Huawei Deputy Chairman Ken Hu said during his keynote speech in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) at Shanghai.

From those 50 contracts, 28 have been in Europe, 11 in the Middle East, 6 in the Asia Pacific, 4 from the Americas and one in Africa, said Hu Huawei explained it has built up, approximately 5G, a portfolio of over 2,570 patents — 20 percent of 5G patents.

“We have invested over $4 billion in 5G research and development over a period of 10 years,”  Hu said.

“We started investing in 5G very early. When there was commercial deployment of 5G, we started to invest in 5G,” he added.

Based on Ryan Ding, Executive Director of the Board and President of the Carrier BG of Huawei, 5G is gaining strong momentum within its own commercial adoption.

“Huawei has so far shipped more than 150,000 base stations. Since the first half of this year, a good number of countries, including South Korea, the UK, Switzerland, Italy, and Kuwait, have commercially launched 5G networks, 2/3 of which were constructed by Huawei,” Ding said.

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As an example of 5G use instances, Hu stated that 5G will make mining safer.

“it is hard to hire truck drivers for mining tasks as the requirements are extremely tough. With 5G it might be possible to get driverless trucks that may lessen the odds of mishaps, while also increasing the rate where the trucks operate,” Hu said.

Industries are beginning to adopt 5G and 5G is beginning to burst into prominence by boosting a comprehensive digital transformation and enhancing efficiency in several businesses. Ding considers that another wave of 5G focus will likely be from the business sector, with firms kick-start their business 4.0 efforts in an effort to attempt to foster new revenue streams.

Before this month, Huawei, that is the world’s biggest telecom equipment provider, signed a 5G development agreement with Russia’s largest mobile carrier MTS since it fights the trade ban imposed by the united states.

US President Donald Trump has efficiently prohibited Huawei using a nationwide security arrangement. The US publicly requested its allies to steer clear of using Huawei goods over worries that the equipment might be employed by the Chinese authorities to acquire confidential information. Huawei has ever denied the allegations.

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